Saturday, October 27, 2012

Our trip to Central Texas...

Grateful to be invited to install my work and the work of my dear friend, Richard Hyslin at the Benini Ranch. Happy to be taking my studio assistant on his first trip to the Hill country.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fusión Solar en el MACT

Early this year I had a solo exhibit at the Contemporary 
Art Museum in Matamoros,Tamaulipas, Mexico.  This 
photograph shows a Sungazer at the entrance of the MACT 
and a set of Sungazers and a ladder in the courtyard to 
the right of the image. 
View of the pieces in the courtyard...

Installation View I
Installation View II
Title Panel and Wall Piece...
Thoughts by Maria Elena Macias, IMAS Curator.

About my work...

Artist Statement:

I got into sculpture because I like working with metal. I like the stability and durability of the material.   My father has always been a source for inspiration. He is a crane operator and would share stories about the oil rigs he “breaks down”. I guess that is why I am not intimidated by large steel structures. He also taught me to weld at the age of eleven.

I also had the opportunity to join a team of artists, lead by Richard Hyslin, to build a 54 ft statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe. It took us two summers to complete. Being part of a team to build a sculpture that size really inspired me. At nineteen, this experience made it clear to me that making large scale sculpture was what I was meant to do.

            There are aspects of spirituality, social commentary and just plain fun in my work.  Some of my pieces have reoccurring themes of the sun, nature, and spirituality.  I abstract nature and the human body to convey statements of the human condition.  I enjoy creating towering beings that deal with unity, love, reverence, and perseverance as well as vanity and disregard.

My favorite thing is going to scrap metal yards and finding unusual steel forms. Fabricated geometric shapes mixed with weathered or textured components create a harmony and a balance that I find very rewarding.

About me...

Brian Wedgworth is a regionally acclaimed artist. His steel sculptures can be found in several Texas galleries and private collections. His work has been exhibited in both the Contemporary Art Museum of Tamaulipas, in Matamoros, Mexico, and at the International Museum of Art and Science in McAllen, Texas. He has also exhibited in over forty group shows throughout Texas and Northern Mexico. He was recently included in “Texas Uprising” a contemporary sculpture exhibition organized by Blue Star Contemporary Art Center in San Antonio.

In the academic arena, Wedgworth has been invited for residency programs such as the University of Texas-Pan American’s Visiting Artist Program and Texas A&M University at Kingsville’s sculpture program. He has also given presentations and workshops at the collegiate and secondary school level. Currently, Wedgworth is working with local developers to incorporate his large-scale sculptures and designs in their projects including homes, apartments, and business centers.

He is one of the founding members of the McAllen Arts Council and plays an active role in the Rio Grande Valley art.